Inspiring Each Student Every Day

Student Support Services

Eden Prairie Schools strives to ensure that each student reaches his/her full potential by working to meet the unique educational needs of every student who walks through our doors. Student Support Services helps meet the unique educational needs of students through several programs including English Learners, Title I, and Special Education.

Eden Prairie Schools Student Support Services
Tricia Clair
Executive Director Student Support Services
  • Executive Cabinet
  • MDE Monitoring and Accountability
  • State/Federal Reports and Budgets
  • Oversight of all Student Support Programs and Services
  • District Equity Leadership Team Advisory (DELTA) Facilitator
  • District Achievement Integration Plan
  • WMEP Liaison
  • District Section 504 Coordinator
  • Interpreters
Jeanne Femrite
Director of Secondary Special Education and Specialized Services
  • Special Education (grades 7-12)
  • TASSEL/Capstone
  • Outside placements (13-21 year olds)
  • EL Program
  • Title services (Title I, II, III)
  • Targeted Services (Grades 7 & 8)
  • Extended School Year (Secondary & Transition)
Mary Waters-Cryer
Director of Related Services 

  • Psychologists/OT/PT/SLPs/DAPE/DHH/VI/PI/AT/Aug Comm/Sped Tech-Apps
  • Social workers/Counselors/Health services/3rd party reimbursement
  • Mental health Collaboratives/School-Based Services/LCTS Program
  • Homebound/Home-school/Homeless/Outside placements, (ages 3-12)
  • Behavioral Support Team/Pathways/Restrictive procedures
Judy Beaton
Director of Early Childhood/Elementary Special Education

  • Early intervention/Early Childhood Special Education
  • Special Education (grades K-6)
  • Extended School Year services (grades pre-K-6)
  • CAMPUS/SpEd Forms
  • Due Process Clerks/ MARSS
  • District Assessment Team   
Heriberto Vargas
Spanish Communication Specialist/Liaison

  • District Spanish interpreter and translator
  • TCIY Support (grades 7-12), (formerly Choice is Yours)
  • Latino parent support
  • Empowering parents for student achievement classes (EPSA)
Ahmed Noor
Somali Communication Specialist/Liaison
  • District Somali interpreter and translator
  • TCIY Support (grades k-6), (formerly Choice is Yours)
  • Somali parent support
  • Empowering parents for student achievement classes (EPSA)
Amy Fox
Administrative Assistant

  • Administrative Support to Executive Director
  • MDE state and federal fiscal and program data support
  • Integration budget management
  • Staffing Support
  • Aesop management

Lynn Rau
Office Professional
  • CAMPUS/SpEd Forms Support (Sped 504s)
  • MARSS date support (SpEd)
  • Aesop (ECSE)
  • ECSE Support/Enrollments/Data
  • MA Billing Coordinator
  • MDE data reports (ECSE)
Amanda Yang
Office Professional

  • Targeted Services enrollment and data management (7-8)
  • Tuition agreements (inbound/outbound)
  • Special Transportation
  • Student Support Services website development and support
  • Title I and Title III enrollment
  • Home School/Homebound/Homeless Support
Kristin Liebzeit
Office Professional

  • Scheduling of meeting/classes across office to include room reservation and set-up; Keep Certified
  • GT Programs & Early Entrance Screening
  • Purchasing and procurement across the office
  • PARS reporting
  • ESY clerical and data management
  • Requests for student information/student data