• Personalized Learning & Instruction

    Welcome to the Department of Personalized Learning & Instruction. We are dedicated to leading change and equipping and connecting members of our learning community so they can be more effective educators through inspiration, innovation, and reflection. Personalized Learning & Instruction provides programs and services in the areas of curriculum and instruction, research and assessment, parent involvement, and professional learning and development.
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    Michelle Ament, Senior Director of Personalized Learning
    952-975-7796 or Michelle_Ament@edenpr.org  
    Nicholas Kremer, Director of Curriculum and Learning
    Karen_Meyer, Director of Assessments and Data Services
    952-975-7067 or Karen_Meyer@edenpr.org 
    Laurie_Callies, Instructional Excellence Coordinator
    Cory Klinge, Instructional Excellence Coordinator
    Erin Schiller, Instructional Excellence Coordinator
    Alex Townsend, Instructional Excellence Coordinator
    Tova Werlinger, Instructional Excellence Coordinator
    Stephanie Baker, Q-Comp Coordinator and Instructional Excellence Coach
    Lisa Birno, Instructional Excellence TOSA
    Heidi Fitch, Multi-Tiered Support Coordinator
    975-975-7148 or Heidi_Fitch@edenpr.org 
    Sue Feigal-Hitch, Gifted and Talented Coordinator
    952-975-7060 or Sue_Feigalhitch@edenpr.org    
    Nicki Tran, District Media Specialist
    952-975-7383 or Nichole_Tran@edenpr.org
    Ahmed Noor, Somali Communication Specialist/Liaison
    952-975-7069 or Ahmed_Noor@edenpr.org
    Heriberto Vargas, Spanish Communication Specialist/Liaison
    952-975-7068 or Heriberto_Vargas@edenpr.org
    Martine Knothe, Administrative Assistant
    952-975- 7153 or Martine_Knothe@edenpr.org
    Kristin Liebzeit, Office Professional
    952-975-7147 or Kristin_Liebzeit@edenpr.org
    Tracy Lucco, Professional Development & Technology Training Specialist
    952-975-7159 or Tracy_Lucco@edenpr.org