Inspiring Each Student Every Day


Superintendent's Cabinet

Name & Position  Phone Email
Curt Tryggestad, Superintendent 952-975-7011
Josh Swanson, Assistant Superintendent
Randi Anderson, Director of Personalized Learning & Instruction 952-975-7152
Tricia Clair, Executive Director of Student Support Services 952-975-7045
Shawn Hoffman-Bram, Director of Community Education 952-975-6948
Thomas May, Executive Director of Human Resources 952-975-7102
Jason Mutzenberger, Executive Director of Business Services
Jaclyn Swords, Director of Communication & Community Relations

Principals/Associate Principals

School Name Phone Email 
Cedar Ridge Elementary  Jodi Markworth, Principal 952-975-7811 
Nancy Benz, Associate Principal  952-975-7884
Eagle Heights Spanish Immersion  Hernan Moncada, Principal  952-975-7711
Mitch Hegland, Associate Principal  952-975-7712
Eden Lake Elementary  Tim Beekmann, Principal  952-975-8411 
Tom Walters, Associate Principal 952-975-8412 
Forest Hills Elementary  Connie Hytjan, Principal  952-975-8611 
Brett Lobben, Associate Principal  952-975-8612 
Oak Point Elementary  Joel Knorr, Principal 952-975-7611
Gretchen Kleinsasser, Associate Principal 952-975-7612 
Prairie View Elementary Carol Meyer, Principal  952-975-8815 
Felicia Thames, Associate Principal 952-975-8884 
Central Middle School  Nate Swenson, Principal  952-975-7311
Dennis Lambert, Associate Principal  952-975-7312
Eden Prairie High School  Conn McCartan, Principal  952-975-8011 
Molly Hollenbeck, Associate Principal  952-975-8073
Tim Quick, Associate Principal  952-975-8012 


Name & Position  Phone Email
Jim Anderson, Director of Facilities & Safety 952-975-7126
Michelle Ament, Director of Instruction and Professional Learning
Judy Beaton, Director of Early Childhood/Elementary Special Education  952-975-7138
Joe Brazil, Director of Technology Operations  952-975-7770
Jeanne Femrite, Director of Specialized Services 952-975-7042
David Freeburg, Director of Technology & Digital Curriculum 952-975-7142
Randy Haar, Director of Transportation & Grounds 952-975-7500
Karen Meyer, Director of Assessments & Data Services 
Ron Meyer, Director of Finance
952- 975-7074
Sarah Moline, Director of Early Childhood Programs 952-975-6990
Roxann Roushar, Director of Child Nutrition 952-975-8050
Teresa Sokol, Director of Employee Services 952-975-7132
Mary Waters-Cryer, Director of Related Services    952-975-7044