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  • Foundation for Eden Prairie Schools

    The Foundation for Eden Prairie Schools (FEPS), is a non-profit organization which operates separately from Eden Prairie Schools, but is dedicated to supporting and enhancing the excellence of the district.

    The Goals of FEPS include:

    • Providing financial support for programs enhancing student learning.
    • Working with Eden Prairie schools to invest in students, staff and programs where the identified specific needs aren’t being met through other channels.
    • Recognizing and honoring outstanding students, alumni and those who have a significant impact on students’ education.
    • Administering major gifts pursuant to donor guidelines.
    Learn more at the FEPS website or contact Conn McCartan, Executive Director, at (952) 975-7205.

    Parent-Teacher Organization

    Parent-teacher organizations, or PTOs, are an essential part of the Eden Prairie Schools community. Each Eden Prairie school has its own Parent Teacher Organization. The PTO Council is a district-wide umbrella organization that connects all of the school PTOs. The PTO Council, along with each school’s PTO, are separate 501(c)(3) non-profit organizations.

    The mission of the Eden Prairie School District PTO is to support the work of the individual Eden Prairie Schools PTOs in order to enhance the learning environment for all students.

    The purpose of Eden Prairie District PTO Council is educational and charitable:

    • Educational: Instructing the public and raising community awareness about “inspiring each student every day.” This includes teaching the public about:
      • Promoting positive communication between school staff and the families served in order to improve academic performance, endorse a challenging curriculum, foster mutual accountability, and ensure the high academic achievement of all learners;
      • Educating families regarding the best learning methods for youth as well as the promotion of effective learning while at home;
      • Assisting teachers before, during, and after the school year to meet their educational objectives;
      • Communicating and collaborating with other educational organizations to increase breadth and depth of educational opportunities.
    • Charitable: Advancing education; combating community deterioration and juvenile delinquency; and lessening the burdens of government.
      • Working with the PTO leaders from the individual schools to share best practices to enhance fundraising efforts.

    Learn more about the school PTOS on their websites: Cedar Ridge Elementary PTOEagle Heights Spanish Immersion PTOEden Lake Elementary PTOForest Hills Elementary PTOOak Point Elementary PTOPrairie View Elementary PTOCentral Middle School PTO, and Eden Prairie High School PTO.

    Community Links

    Some of our district's strongest partnerships are with organizations within Eden Prairie.

    •  City of Eden Prairie

    •  EP Chamber of Commerce

    •  Eden Prairie Morning Rotary

    •  Eden Prairie Noon Rotary

    •  Hennepin County Libraries

    •  Southwest Metro Transit