• Testing & Assessment

    Several standardized tests are either required or available to students at Eden Prairie High School. Click on the grade levels to the left to view a summary of these tests organized by grade.

    MCA Science Assessment

    1st Semester Biology Students

    On Wednesday, March 8th and Friday, March 10th, students who completed Biology (Basic, Regular, or Honors) during the first semester will be taking the MCA Science Assessment.  This computerized exam will help us assess students’ progress through the EPHS Science curriculum and will help us determine if any adjustments need to be made in that curriculum.  Students who are currently taking Biology during second semester will complete the MCA Science Assessment during their regularly scheduled class time later in May.

    Students will be assigned to test in the Lakeside Lab during a specific period based on their last names as listed below.  The MCA Science Assessment is an untimed exam, and students will be able to return to their regularly scheduled class once they have completed the exam. 

     The lab schedule for the MCA Science Assessment is as follows:

                                      Last Name Begins                                    Day                                        Period Assigned

                                           A – Co                                           Wednesday                                            1st

                                                  Cr – He                                          Wednesday                                            2nd

                                           Hf - Mo                                         Wednesday                                            4th

                                           Mp – Se                                         Friday                                                    1st

                                           Sf – Z                                            Friday                                                    2nd

                                      Make-up Tests                                   Friday                                                  3rd / 4th


    Students who are absent on Wednesday, March 8th will have an opportunity to take the MCA Science test during retake day on Friday, March 10th during 3rd or 4th period. 

    Classroom teachers are aware of this schedule and the importance of student participation in the MCA Science Assessment and will plan their daily activities accordingly so that students aren’t negatively impacted for missing class time.  Attendance will be taken in the testing labs, and students will be excused from their regularly scheduled class during the time they are completing the MCA Science Assessment.