Important Phone Numbers

  • Main Phone: 952-975-8000

    Attendance: 952-975-8001

    Fax: 952-975-8320

Frequently Called Staff

Last Name First Name Position Email Voicemail
Virgin Robb Principal 952-975-8011
Hallen Camille Administrative Assistant 952-975-8015
Palmer (Willey) Karey Finance/Personnel 952-975-8016
Hollenbeck Molly Associate Principal 952-975-8073
Quick Tim Associate Principal 952-975-8012
Aagenes Jane Attendance, A-La 952-975-8018
Boe Holly Attendance, Lb-Z 952-975-8009
Amsler Anthea Counselor (A-Ca) 952-975-8031
Schmidt Rachel Counselor (Cb-F) 952-975-8027
Silverberg Jennifer Counselor (G-Joh) 952-975-8039
Moskowitz Lenny Counselor (Joi-Ma) 952-975-8032
Boztepe Amanda Counselor (Mb-Pes) 952-975-8035
Quiring Lisa Counselor (Pet-Sq) 952-975-8033
Zydowsky Robin Counselor (Sr-Z) 952-975-8034
Miller Jeremy College and Career Counselor 952-975-8038
Ratemo Sally Dean of Students (A - G) 952-975-8023
Kane Kim Dean of Students (H - N) 952-975-8141
Logue Bryan Dean of Students (O - Z) 952-975-8022
Hanson Ivy Psychologist 952-975-8045
Taylor Dru Social Worker 952-975-8025
Nixon Susan Support Staff, A - La (Student Ctr South) 952-975-8024
Rademacher Rita Support Staff, Lb - Z (Student Ctr South) 952-975-8019
Johnson Julie Support Staff, A - Ma (Student Ctr East) 952-975-8021
Cordell Arlene Support Staff, Mb - Z (Student Ctr East) 952-975-8030
Banks Steven Social Worker 952-975-8028