Welcome to Oak Point

  • Whether they are Kindergarteners or veteran 6th graders, Oak Point Elementary’s students love their school for all kinds of reasons.

    First and foremost is the passionate and highly experienced Oak Point teaching staff. Keeping their classrooms exciting and relevant to today’s learners is a constant process that they embrace. Many are involved in their students’ education beyond the classroom as members of curriculum development groups at the district level. Together with our excellent support staff, they work to provide guidance and academic opportunities as unique as each child.

    Our building and location make Oak Point a special place too. Our students love our beautiful Media Center and the Performing Arts Lab (PAL). And our proximity to Staring Lake Park means that a field trip is a short walk away. A unique aspect of Oak Point is that our building is also home to Eagle Heights Spanish Immersion School. This configuration provides many opportunities for educational community building and partnerships.

    Parents love our school too, and we love having you here. It is a known fact that the more parents are involved in their children’s education, both at home and school, the greater the academic, social and emotional development of their children. We welcome you to volunteer, attend events or just stop in to have lunch with your child.

    And why do we, the staff and faculty, love Oak Point? It’s because of our students, of course! They challenge us, amaze and amuse us, and make us proud every day. There is nowhere else we’d rather be.

    Again, welcome to Oak Point. We’re glad you’re here.

    Oak Point