• Welcome from the Superintendent


    Dr. Curt Tryggestad, Superintendent 

    I am grateful and proud to be part of an outstanding school district that provides a rigorous, yet nurturing academic environment for children to learn and develop in their own unique ways.
    Behind the exterior of our brick buildings, you will find a school community - teachers, students, administrators, board members and volunteers - who have a great deal of pride in their schools. The cornerstone of our success is working together with community partners at our side, to ensure each student is inspired to reach their full potential.

    This district has enjoyed a long tradition of excellence. Our digital program i-Learn@EP is one of the most extensive in the state to transform classroom teaching and personalize student learning. Our part- and full-day gifted programs - KEY and Mosaic - are consistently recognized for their quality and support. We maintain the largest array of athletic, academic and music options of any district in the state. We also send more of our graduates to college than any other school in the state (with graduating class sizes above 50) and those students graduate at higher percentages within six years than all other schools in our conference.

    Guiding all our work is our Strategic Plan. The plan was the result of many hours of work by hundreds of people in our community who identified the vision for our schools through the year 2018. I encourage you to become familiar with our Strategic Plan - the roadmap for our journey that finds educational excellence for each student.

    Thank you for taking the time to explore our website. I hope it leaves you informed, inspired, and wanting to know more. Please call if you have a question or connect with any one of our individual schools to arrange for a visit. There is no better way to understand the excellence behind Eden Prairie Schools than to experience it for yourself.

    Dr. Curt Tryggestad