CMS Vision

  • We believe that education is important, that teachers are professionals, and that the school is a valid institution of learning. Education will provide for physical, emotional, social, and intellectual growth and individuality.

    Middle school students are unique. They are in varied stages of physical change. They experience emotional uncertainties, including an increasing sense of isolation as well as a need to belong. Intellectually, they are eager to test new skills and knowledge while also seeking security and encouragement. Our school will respond with a positive learning environment which provides for these individual differences.

    In addition, the middle school is a transition between the elementary and high school. We must provide a nurturing learning environment which encourages growing independence and exploration while students develop habits, attitudes, skills, appreciations, and ideas essential for a lifetime of learning. This environment will be caring, exciting, challenging, and comforting. We strive to provide a model for responsible adult behavior while allowing for the activity of youthful enthusiasm.

    CMS is a vital part of the total community. We encourage a partnership among school, home and the greater community by encouraging involvement, cooperation, responsibility, and communication.

    We believe the staff at CMS is empowered to have substantial impact on the system of learning, and we encourage cooperation, collaboration, innovation, and support among staff members.

  • Mission

    Central Middle School will foster a partnership with students, staff and parents to establish clear expectations for respect of self, others, and school, in order to create a safe, secure environment in which everyone can learn.

    We strive to work with students regarding their behavior in a respectful manner that strengthens students and helps them be responsible, respectful, and self-directed learners.