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    The Eden Prairie School Board is comprised of seven elected directors who represent, lead, and serve the stakeholders of Eden Prairie Schools. The School Board assures that Eden Prairie Schools offers educational opportunities that meet our community’s values and that students are achieving the educational results the community expects. The School Board sets expectations for Eden Prairie Schools based on the values of the community. These expectations are incorporated in the School Board’s policies which are monitored annually to determine if the district is meeting the School Board’s expectations. As the values and needs of the district evolve, the policies are updated to reflect these changes.

    An annual work plan for 2017-2018 is developed and formally approved by the Board in accordance with Board Policy GP 4.3. Adjustments and additions are made throughout the year as needed to accomplish the Board’s work.

    The work of the Eden Prairie School Board extends beyond the regular School Board meetings. The School Board holds workshops, committee meetings, and site visits. School Board members attend many district events, PTO Presidents' meetings as well as civic engagements, community connection meetings, state training, and industry conferences. Individual School Board members are also active in several local and state-affiliated organizations.

    Please click on link for the 2017-2018 School Board Calendar meeting dates. The calendar below will be updated soon to reflect the School Board Commitments for the current school year. 
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    9-Open House
    Board Workshop
    Cedar Ridge Elementary
    Central Middle School
    Community Ed
    Eagle Heights Spanish Immersion
    Early Childhood
    Eden Lake Elementary
    Eden Prairie High School
    EPHS Activities
    Forest Hills Elementary
    Oak Point Elementary
    Personalized Learning
    Prairie View Elementary
    SB Committee
    School Board
    Staff Intranet
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