Distance Learning 2020-21

The mission of Eden Prairie Schools is to: 

Inspire EACH student to learn continuously, so they are empowered to reach personal fulfillment and contribute purposefully to our ever-changing world.

Eden Prairie Schools uses our Personalized Learning Framework to meet the learning needs of EACH student.

  • Strong School-Home partnerships serve as the foundation for ensuring learning is personalized.
  • Eden Prairie Schools educators are committed to reflective and responsive practices that allow students to learn continuously.
  • Teachers and students harness opportunities for critical thinking, collaboration, creative problem solving and communication to foster deep learning experiences.
  •  Authentic learning experiences are designed for students to apply their knowledge and skills to performance tasks that reflect real-world purposes, audiences, and resources. Authenticity serves to promote culturally responsive and meaningful learning opportunities.
Eden Prairie Schools' K-12 Distance Learning will be implemented in the spirit of our district mission and using the key tenets of our Personalized Learning Framework outlined above.

Distance Learning Plan
K-12 students

  • Review Eden Prairie Schools' K-12 Plan Overview.
  • Each Eden Prairie student has a district issued iPad or laptop.
  • K-12 Licensed Staff will provide instruction and assignments via Schoology and/ or SeeSaw, which will include the use of learning software/apps. All apps will either be loaded on to the district issued devices or be available for free download via Self Service. See iLearn webpage for resources.
  • Students will have access to electronic books, math workbooks and journals, various textbooks and/or other materials necessary to deliver instruction and complete assignments.
  • Instruction and assignments will provide an opportunity for students to review, practice and/or engage in new learning related to district Essential Learning Targets and MN State Standards.
  • Completion of the assignments will be monitored and submitted via Schoology or Seesaw, this will also be how daily attendance is recorded.
  • Lessons may be asynchronous or synchronous.

Student-Teacher Interaction

The purpose of Student-Teacher interaction is to expand on existing partnerships and implement responsive practices that are applied in the Distance Learning context to ensure EACH student learns continuously.

Virtual communication may be provided through discussion boards, video conferencing and schoology messaging. K-12 licensed staff will be available by email during established school hours outlined below. Students or parents may also leave a voicemail message, and teachers will provide real time responses to questions.

  • Instruction and assignments will be available by 9:30 a.m.
  • Teachers will be available from 9:30 AM-3:30 p.m.
  • Teachers will provide information about assignment due dates

Find teacher and staff contact information in our staff directory.



Individual School Distance Learning Plans

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