Policies and Procedures

Policy Governance is a process that provides a clear differentiation between governance and management responsibilities in organizations. The Eden Prairie School Board adopted the Policy Governance model and approved its own Board Policies in the areas of Executive Limitations, Board Management Delegation, Governance Process and Ends. Board Policies are intended to provide a clear distinction of Board and Superintendent roles.

The adoption of the Policy Governance model does not eliminate the need for District Policies that govern the management of the District. State and federal law require School Districts to implement policies that may be identified by the opening policy statement: “School districts are required by statute to have a policy addressing these issues.” The remaining policies adopted by the School District are based on statute and rule, but may be modified to reflect local standards and expectations. 

Eden Prairie Schools is a member of the Minnesota School Board Association (MSBA). As a benefit of membership, their Policy Service is provided to school boards and administrators in order to develop policies and procedures for managing their school districts.

School Board Governance Policies

District Policies