School Board

Josh Swanson, Abby Libsack, CJ Strehl, Aaron Casper, Dennis Stubbs,  Kim Ross, DD Dwivedy, Steve Bartz

The Eden Prairie School Board is comprised of seven elected directors who represent, lead, and serve the stakeholders of Eden Prairie Schools. The School Board assures that Eden Prairie Schools offers educational opportunities that meet our community’s values and that students are achieving the educational results the community expects. The School Board sets expectations for Eden Prairie Schools based on the values of the community. These expectations are incorporated in the School Board's policies, which are monitored annually to determine if the district is meeting the School Board’s expectations. As the values and needs of the district evolve, the policies are updated to reflect these changes.

Elected by the voters within the Eden Prairie community, we are responsible for governing the Eden Prairie School district, approving our district’s budget, monitoring our finances, hiring a superintendent, and establishing a Strategic Vision for the district and our students. We are accountable to the State of Minnesota and the voters of the district.

We want to hear from our community members. Ask us questions, provide insights, offer ideas and suggestions, and share with us your stories of an Eden Prairie education.

If you wish to communicate with the entire Board, please email: All Board members will receive your email; the Board Chair or another designated Board member will respond to emails on the Board’s behalf.