Operating Levy

Question 1 asks voters to revoke the current operating levy and replace it with a new 10-year operating levy to support learning and programs across the district. The current operating levy was approved by voters in 2014.

If this question were approved, the current levy authority of $1,815.27 per pupil would be revoked and replaced with a levy of $2,075.27 per pupil. The cost to taxpayers would be under $8 per month.

An increased operating levy would allow the district to maintain excellence with quality teachers, programming, and support while being able to absorb the effects of inflation and provide stability for years to come.

Frequently Asked Questions

Financial Stability. Continued Excellence.

By replacing the current operating levy, Eden Prairie Schools will be able to:

  • Keep our K-5 class sizes among the lowest in the southwest metro, currently made possible by funds from the 2014 operating levy
  • Provide financial stability for engaging, high-quality student programming
  • Continue and expand college and career-focused academic options
  • Continue to attract and keep the best teachers and other staff to inspire our students
  • Maintain mental health support for students
Operating Levy History

Voters passed the current operating levy in 2014, with 64% support for an initial increase and 56% support for an additional increase.

The levy was intended to be used as a source of funding for five years, and the district has extended the use of the funds to support programming for a full eight years.

Tax Impact

The tax impact of the approval of question #1 would be under $8 per month in property taxes for a home in Eden Prairie valued at $430,000. The current operating levy provides a major source of funding for the district and supports our daily operations, teaching and learning, and staffing in our schools.

The increased operating levy would:

  • Allow the district to continue to retain and attract the best teachers and other staff
  • Allow the district to maintain lower class sizes that were reduced with funds from the 2014 operating levy (our K-5 class sizes are among the lowest in the southwest metro)
  • Provide financial stability to continue to offer and expand academic options for students to provide college and career preparation
  • Maintain mental health support for students

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Financial Stewardship

The School Board and district administration are continuously monitoring the district’s financial resources and take being stewards of taxpayer dollars very seriously. Along with avoiding budget reductions for the past eight years, the district regularly takes the following actions to help reduce costs:

  • Renegotiating vendor contracts and sharing services with other school districts
  • Using volunteers (when appropriate) instead of paid positions
  • Saving energy/utility costs (the district runs a large solar array)
  • Moving out of leased space into owned space
  • Efficiently managing our bus fleet and routes
  • Implementing workload efficiencies like autonomous floor scrubbers to reduce costs
  • Generating revenue by reviewing facility rental rates, creating solar power offsets, working with the Foundation for Eden Prairie Schools to support innovative teachers with funding, and writing grant proposals

District leaders also regularly connect with legislators to advocate for increased funding from the state.