Capital Project Levy

Question 2 asks voters to renew the district’s capital project levy (also called the "technology levy"), which provides the district’s technology infrastructure including student devices, classroom technologies, and teacher training.

The current capital project levy was approved in 2004 and renewed by voters in 2013. If this question were approved, it would result in no increased cost to taxpayers. 

Security of student and staff data has always been a top priority for Eden Prairie Schools. Renewal of the capital project levy provides funding that allows the district to invest in top-tier protection and stay on the leading edge of data and device security.

Frequently Asked Questions

Investing in Technology. Improving Infrastructure. 

By renewing the district’s capital project levy, Eden Prairie Schools will be able to: 

  • Maintain current devices and technology infrastructure, which are critical for student success in school and upon graduation.

  • Allow students to explore next-generation learning including virtual reality

  • Update technology infrastructure (fiber and other systems)

  • Stay current with new and emerging data security systems to protect the data and confidential information of our students, families, and staff

  • Test and invest in emerging technologies to continue to meet the needs of students 

Capital Project Levy History and Tax Impact

In 2013, voters renewed the capital project levy that was initially approved in 2004. The impact of this funding has been instrumental to our district. Because of this investment in technology, Eden Prairie Schools had the devices and infrastructure to respond immediately when the COVID-19 pandemic required schools to move to distance learning. We aim to continue to be prepared for unforeseen changes in student learning. We are also now the state’s leader in online learning, with EP Online and Eagle Heights Spanish Immersion Online available to any student in Minnesota who wants a high-quality Eden Prairie education.

This proposal is to renew the same capital project levy that was renewed in 2013, resulting in no increase in taxes for Eden Prairie residents.