Community Advisory Teams

Welcome to our community advisory teams! We believe that the strength of our schools lies in the diverse voices and perspectives of its students, families and community members. Our advisory teams are dedicated to fostering collaboration, open conversations and informed decisionmaking in partnership with the community. We invite you to learn more about each of our teams, then get started by expressing interest in one or more groups!

As Eden Prairie Schools develops a robust aerospace and aviation curriculum for students, we invite community members to participate in the Aeronautics Advisory Council to advise the district on relevant education and partnership opportunities for our students.

Meeting frequency: 3 per year

Meeting timing: 1.5 hours, mornings 

Number of members from the community: tbd


AIPAC guides Eden Prairie Schools in supporting our Native American students by applying for and managing state grant funding that specifically fosters the academic, cultural, and social wellbeing of American Indian students.

Meeting frequency: 5 per year

Meeting timing: 1.5 hours, evenings

Number of members from the community: 15


The Artificial Intelligence Committee is devoted to determining what we want students to know about and be able to do with the aid of artificial intelligence. Members analyze crowdsourced answers to this question and identify industry trends.

Meeting frequency: TBD

Meeting timing: 1.5 hours, mornings

Number of members from the community: TBD


The Business & Management Pathway Advisory Committee guides the development and ongoing functioning of the Inspired Journey, Career and Technical Education (CTE), and Capstone Courses associated with the Business & Managament Pathway.

Meeting frequency: 3 per year

Meeting timing: 1.5 hours, afternoons

Number of members from the community: 14


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