EPIC Youth Programs


Youth enrichment provides children with educational programs and activities that extend beyond their regular school day. Enrichment programs are designed to address youth needs in many areas such as academic, cultural, social, emotional, and recreational. The program boasts a wide range of offerings, including technology, art, music, languages, math, reading, science, sports/recreation, and more. Enrichment classes provide students the opportunity to improve academic and social skills, explore new interests, gain new skills, and make new friends.


Youth development activities include youth leadership and service-learning programs. Youth development programs may or may not charge a fee while focusing on building youth leadership and community service skills. The goal is to develop and equip today’s youth to be effective, involved, and positively impactful leaders in their communities.


Targeted services is a state-funded, referral based program that offers additional learning opportunities to academically targeted K-8 students. Students are invited if they would benefit from the program and are able to be independent, safe and successful within the program. Targeted services programs are purposefully designed to build academic skills, as well as to help students develop better organizational and social/emotional skills. Targeted services courses are taught by licensed teachers.

June 19 Observance of Juneteenth

Important Program Changes for Week 1, Now Starting on June 20

  • EPIC programs will begin on June 20 following recently signed legislation establishing June 19 as a holiday commemorating Juneteenth.
  • All elementary and middle school summer programs offered through Community Education, including EPIC Enrichment Camps, Targeted Services classes, and EHSI Summer Academy, will start Tuesday, June 20. 
  • Week 1 will now be a three-day week for all EPIC programs at both the elementary and middle school level, running from Tuesday, June 20, through Thursday, June 22. This includes EPIC Enrichment Camps, Targeted Services classes, and EHSI Summer Academy.
  • For families enrolled in EPIC Enrichment Camps (required a fee to be paid to register), we will issue a 25% refund to their original form of payment within the next seven calendar days for all non-fee assistance enrollments. This 25% refund covers one of the four days (June 19) each course was originally scheduled to run the week of June 19-22.  

Program Registration

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Summer Program Information & FAQ's

2023 Summer Courses Catalog

This digital catalog includes the courses offered through the 2023 Summer EPIC Camp. Courses fall into two categories:

  • Targeted Services and EPIC Enrichment. 

Targeted Services courses require a referral for your student to attend. EPIC Enrichment courses are open to all students, with no referral required. Click on the tab for each category to learn more. 

Financial assistance is available to families. Please email us at EPIC@edenpr.org for more information and an application.