About Our Programs

As a department of Eden Prairie Schools, Community Education inspires lifelong learning by providing opportunities
to connect and engage people of all ages, interests and abilities. We offer classes and programs to expand your horizons, hone your talents or introduce you to a new hobby so that learning can be a fun and ongoing process – not limited to a  typical school day.

Check out our list of available programs below!


Community Education Programs

Early Childhood Programs

Early Childhood Family Education (ECFE), Parents & Children Birth to 5
ECFE classes are designed to strengthen families and support children’s healthy growth and development. Ongoing weekly and one time classes provide parenting tips that can be used immediately. 

Learn more at edenpr.org/ecfe.

Little Eagles Preschool, Ages 3 to 5
Eden Prairie Schools’ preschool program is designed to provide children with all aspects of developmental preparation. Our program content, highly qualified teachers, and use of best teaching practices earned our preschool program the highest state Parent Aware rating of four stars.

Learn more at edenpr.org/preschool.

Early Childhood Screening
Screening is a free check on your child’s development that is required of all children prior to starting kindergarten. Children can be screened beginning
at age 3. 

Learn more at edenpr.org/ecscreening.

Early Childhood Program Locations
Education Center
(Community Education Office)
8040 Mitchell Road
Eden Prairie, MN 55344

Lower Campus Preschool Center
8100 School Road
Eden Prairie, MN 55344

Cedar Ridge Elementary
8905 Braxton Drive
Eden Prairie, MN 55347

Youth Programs

EPIC Youth Programs (Age 4+)
Our EPIC Youth Program ignites interest and challenges students in a fun, safe, and supportive atmosphere. Enrichment and recreational classes are available to students before and after school and in the summer. 

Learn more at edenpr.org/EPIC.

Teen Driver Education
Classroom and behind-the-wheel instruction for teens 18 and under are offered after school and in the summer at the high school with certified, licensed teachers. 

Learn more at edenpr.org/drivereducation.

Eagle Zone School Age Care

Eagle Zone School Age Care
The district-wide before and after school child care program is coordinated by Eden Prairie Schools' Community Education department. We are excited to offer an affordable, fun, and engaging care option for your K-6 grade child.

Eagle Zone is a choice-based program where students will have the flexibility to choose an activity that interests them throughout the program time. On a daily basis, we incorporate outdoor and gym time; quiet activities such as a reading corner, drawing station or a dramatic play area; and coordinated activities including arts and crafts projects, STEM experiments, cooking and other hands-on activities.

Learn more at edenpr.org/EagleZone.

Adult Learning Programs

Adult Learning
We believe you are never done learning! That is why our Adult Learning Program offers hundreds of classes. Topic areas include computer courses, dance, financial planning, fitness, hobbies, music, language, personal growth and wellness, cooking and more. New classes are offered weekly and vary widely. Rediscover the joy of learning with no grades or papers–just the pure satisfaction of discovering something new. 

Adults with Disabilities
Learning Exchange

A wide variety of classes and support services are offered for adults with disabilities. Classes meet from September to June and are open to residents of Eden Prairie, Bloomington, Edina, and Richfield.

Adult Basic Education and ESL
In partnership with Metro South, we offer classes in Adult English (also known as ESL), GED, Diploma, College Prep, and Citizenship. Classes are offered in
Eden Prairie and Bloomington at a variety of times, including two Adult English courses specifically for parents from Eden Prairie.

Learn More

Visit edenpr.org/adult for more information about the above programs.

Facilities Use and Rental

Are you looking for a place to meet or play?  Most Eden Prairie Schools facilities can be scheduled for a variety of activities during non-school hours. Whether you need a meeting room, a whole gym or something in-between, Community Education can help. Our modest fees and professional on-site staff provide a convenient and high quality experience.

Learn at edenpr.org/FacilityUse.

Family Resources Program

Eden Prairie Schools Community Education operates the Family Resources Program to support students and families who live, work, or go to school in
our community.

The goal of the Family Resources Program is to connect you to community information, resources, and local services. The Family Resources Program website features a database of local resources, a calendar of community events, an online help request form, and an archive and sign-up form for the monthly Family Resources Program e-Newsletter. 

Volunteer Program

Share your skills and talents with Eden Prairie Schools! Community Education places dedicated community members in volunteer placements across the district to enhance student learning.

Sample opportunities include:

• Early Childhood Classroom Volunteer

• Preschool Classroom Volunteer or Literacy Tutor

• Elementary Classroom Volunteer or Literacy and/or Math Tutor

• Media Center, Cafeteria, or Playground Volunteer

• Special Events Support

• Summer EPIC Camp Volunteer

Learn more at edenpr.org/volunteer.

Family Literacy Program

In partnership with Metro South Adult Basic Education, Community Education recently expanded options for parents in Eden Prairie who want to learn English or develop literacy skills. The new Family Literacy program includes two on-site programs for parents as well as an online resource toolkit. These three components are: 

  • Family School, an afternoon program providing English classes for parents, preschool for their children aged 3 - 5 years old by September 1, 2019, and an infant and toddler classroom for younger siblings. Family School takes place at the Lower Campus building. 
  • Eagles Adult English, an evening English class for Eden Prairie Schools parents. This program takes place once a week at Central Middle School. 
  • an online Literacy Toolkit, which contains a wide variety of literacy-related resources for parents, teachers, and volunteers.

Learn more at edenpr.org/FamilyLit.


If you require financial assistance to participate in any of our programs, please check out the available resources at edenpr.org/FeeAssistance