Early Childhood Screening

Early childhood years from birth to start of kindergarten are an important time of rapid growth. Early Childhood Screening is a quick and simple check of how your child is growing and developing. It is required by the state of Minnesota to be completed before starting kindergarten, and it is a FREE service that usually takes about an hour to complete.

At your child's screening, a trained professional will check the following:

  • Vision AND hearing
  • Height and weight
  • Immunization review
  • Large and small muscles/motor skills
  • Thinking, language, and communication skills
  • Social and emotional development

Early Childhood Screening FAQ

Should I wait until my child is in kindergarten?
Screening is preferred at age 3, but can be done at 4 or 5. The earlier, the better! Waiting until a child is in school may be too long. 

Does my child need an Early Childhood Screening?
All of the information from your child's Early Childhood Screening is important to his/her future school success. After the screening, you will know how your child is growing, developing, and learning. In order for your child to start kindergarten in any Minnesota public school, you will need to provide your child's Early Childhood Screening Summary Form and Immunization Record. 

Is there a charge? 
Early Childhood Screening is FREE!

How do I schedule an appointment?
You can schedule your screening appointment, or get additional information.

  • Online
  • Screening appointments are available September through May. Please check the website in August to schedule an appointment.
  • If your child will be entering kindergarten in September 2020 or you have a concern about your child, please call 952-975-6940 for assistance.
  • Questions? Call 952-975-6940 or email ComEd@edenpr.org

Make an Appointment 

Please download and complete the forms below before your appointment: