Facility Rental


COVID-19 Facility Use Expectations for Renters

Please refer to the document linked above to view Eden Prairie School District's specific COVID-19 expectations for renters.  Check this document frequently, as it is updated to reflect new information and guidance from the Minnesota Department of Health.  

Submit a COVID-19 Preparedness Plan

All Facilities Use Renters MUST submit a COVID-19 Preparedness Plan before rental permits will be issued.  

If you’re looking to schedule space in an Eden Prairie Schools building, this is the place to start. Our modest fees and professional on-site staff provide a convenient and high quality experience for local groups and organizations looking to rent space.

Most facilities in the district including classrooms, commons, cafeterias, fields, stadiums, and gymnasiums are available for rental through the Eden Prairie Schools Facility Use Program.
Please know that fields at Prairie View, Eden Lake, and Forest Hills are owned and managed by the City of Eden Prairie's Parks and Recreation Department

To request a space, review the information and fill out the appropriate form or application below at least 10 days prior to the first date you would like to schedule a school facility. Rental fees are based on user group classifications. If the space is available and the use is cleared by school staff, a reservation will be made and a permit will be issued. Should you have questions, please reach out to the Eden Prairie Schools Facility Use Program Supervisor Christopher Cook at christopher_cook@edenpr.org.
As of July 1, 2021, we are accepting 2021/2022 school year requests, but approvals may not be granted until the end of summer, as school and district event schedules are still being finalized. Additionally, approvals will only be granted if all previous invoices have been paid in full, a COVID-19 Preparedness Plan has been filed with the Facilities Use Office, and all requirements and insurance documents are in place.

Details for Facility Use