As part of our district’s efforts to be more environmentally friendly, we distribute approved community flyers to parents via Peachjar.  Approved flyers are emailed to parents weekly and posted on specific school websites.  Flyers are delivered to all parents’ emails as an embedded image, not a link.  This means parents will immediately see the flyer and be able to click through to a specific website for more information or to register for an event.

Flyers must meet criteria according to district Policy #904 and the classes, events or activities must take place within the boundaries of Eden Prairie School District. All flyers are approved by the District through the Peachjar system. With the exception of Community Education-sponsored classes and programs, no paper flyers will be distributed to students or schools.

Non-profit organizations and programs should visit for instructions on how to upload your flyer. Peachjar charges a small fee for this service. Non-school sponsored organizations must include the following disclaimer on the digital flyer: “This is not an Eden Prairie Schools sponsored program or activity and the district accepts no liability or responsibility for this program/activity.”

Once uploaded, your flier will be automatically submitted to the District Approver(s).  The approvers will approve or deny the flyer based on district policy. Flyers will be emailed on a weekly basis. Flyers must be submitted for approval by Wednesday at  noon. for email delivery on Wednesdays.

Priority for distribution will go as follows:

  1. School district event/programs/activities 
  2. Foundation for Eden Prairie Schools events/programs/activities
  3. City of Eden Prairie, Local non profit youth serving agencies with activities held within Eden Prairie School District
  4. Local Non Profit Organizations residing in Eden Prairie with free events
  5. All others

There will be a limit to 10 flyers per week per school.  If more than 10 flyers have been submitted, those with later dates will be pushed to the following week. 

School and school district-approved eflyers will keep you informed about upcoming school activities, programs, and events. And our children's backpacks will be a little bit lighter! You can find your school flyers by clicking the links below: 

If your organization is interested in distributing an eflyer via Peachjar, view the flyer distribution procedures and criteria below.

PeachJar Additional Information

Distribute a Flyer

Flyer Distribution Procedures
Our District cooperates with community groups and organizations that sponsor activities of an educational/enrichment nature for students by distributing materials electronically via Peachjar. As part of our efforts to be more environmentally friendly, embrace innovative technology, and maintain fiscal responsibility, we have transitioned from paper to electronic flyer delivery.

To request flyer approval, follow the steps below. Once approved (please see approval criteria below), your flyer will be e-mailed to all parents at selected schools and posted online. Most paper flyers from outside organizations will not be distributed.

1. Visit
2. Register as an Enrichment Provider (account type). 
3. Upload your flyer for approval.

Approval Criteria

Approval Criteria

First the flier(s) must be verified to meet all established requirements by the office of Community Education. District staff will approve or deny materials based on the standards and policies approved by the Board of Education. No guarantee of distribution date can or will be given. Peachjar charges a fee for this service.

Eden Prairie Schools do not typically distribute flyers of a commercial nature or from for-profit organizations unless there is an existing sponsorship agreement with an organization.

To ensure families receive adequate information, and to minimize questions directed to school staff, fliers must include the following:


  • Fliers must contain this disclaimer: “This is not an Eden Prairie School sponsored program or activity and Eden Prairie Schools accepts no liability or responsibility for this program/activity.” The disclaimer must be on the front of the flier, in a location where it is easy to see, in a minimum of 10 point upper and lower case type.
  • The name of the sponsoring organization
  • If the sponsoring organization is nonprofit, under the name put “a nonprofit organization”
  • Date of event
  • Time of event
  • Location of event
  • Program Cost – The flier must describe the full cost for participants, including but not limited to registration, amount required to be raised through fundraising or in lieu of cash payment, equipment purchase or lease. NOTE: Payment must be made to the government agency of or nonprofit charitable organization sponsoring the activity.
  • Phone Number / Contact Information
  • Athletic leagues must include information about when students will be participating and competing, i.e., “the season is May-June,” or “practices are held after school one day a week and games are held on Saturdays.”

Laws/Rules: Text and graphics on fliers must comply with existing laws, District standards, and school rules. For example, text and graphics on fliers may not denigrate any group; promote violation of school rules; depict drugs; tobacco, alcohol, violence, fighting, intimidation, weapons, gang/cult/affiliation, or inappropriate language; or be sexually suggestive. Activities such as raffles, which are illegal, may not be included on fliers. 

Use of Facilities: If fliers describe non-school activities held at an Eden Prairie school site, the sponsoring organization must obtain an approved District use facilities before the flier can be distributed.

Comply with Board and Administrative Policies: All materials must comply with rules and regulations set forth in Eden Prairie School Board Policies and Administrative Procedures including but not limited to MSBA/MASA Model Policy 904.