Adult & Community

Community Education is a department of Eden Prairie Schools offering all community members opportunities to learn and grow. The Mission of Eden Prairie Schools is to: Inspire each student to learn continuously so they are empowered to reach personal fulfillment and contribute purposefully to our ever-changing world. Community Education inspires lifelong learning with inclusive programs for our diverse community. We empower people with new skills and knowledge, and invite people of all ages to give back.

Our adult and community engagement programs provide opportunities for those who may not otherwise be connected to the district. Participants of our Adult Learning Program explore new interests, develop their talents, and challenge themselves to stretch their minds and bodies, while building connections to others and experiencing a sense of community.

We also collaborate with a wide variety of service providers, local nonprofits, businesses, the City of Eden Prairie, and other community stakeholders to make Eden Prairie a better place to live, work, and learn. There are multiple ways to engage in community through our robust programs, committees, and other partnerships. 

We look forward to inspiring you to learn and empowering you to feel fulfilled and contribute purposefully in our community and beyond!



If you require financial assistance to participate in any of our programs, please check out the available resources at