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Activities Registration

To Register:

* Go to the Fee Pay registration website. If you are new to Fee Pay click the "Sign Up" button in the top right corner. Once you have created your account you will need to add your student, fill out the registration form next to the sport/activities you wish to register for, and finish by paying your registration fee. Payment can be made by both electronic check or credit card.

If you have any questions or concerns, please call the PARENT HELP LINE 952-975-7094 or Student Activities at 952-975-7400.

                                        Code of Conduct

                                                           STUDENT ACTIVITIES PURPOSE AND POLICIES

The purpose of our program is to stimulate physical and emotional health and to encourage attitudes of teamwork, determination, pride in the school and in the individual, and commitment while enjoying an activity. These policies out line our expectations for each participant. 

1. A student, who is assigned an office detention that conflicts with the activity, must serve the detention before resuming the activity. 

2. If a student is suspended from school, he/she will be removed from co-curricular activities for the duration of the suspension. 

3. A student must attend a full day of school on the day of his/her sport activity or he/she will not be allowed to participate. Students must be in school by 8:30 am. (This does not include excused absences.)

4. A student must attend practice the day before a contest or the student will not be allowed to participate. (This does not include excused absences.)

5. The student will not use tobacco or alcoholic beverages, use, consume have in possession, by sell or give away any other controlled substance, including steroids. After confirmation of a first violation, the athlete shall lose eligibility for the next two (2) consecutive games/meets or two (2) weeks of a season in which the athlete is a participant, whichever is greater. After confirmation of a second violation, the athlete shall lose eligibility for the next six (6) consecutive games/meets in which the athlete is a participant. 

6. The student has not and will not violate the racial/religious/sexual harassment/violence/and hazing bylaws of the Eden Prairie School District.