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Academic Activities

Due to COVID-19 and the current hybrid model for schools, co-curricular clubs are being offered in a different format than in years past.

Students at CMS have the opportunity to participate in several Academic activities. For more information, call Student Activities at (952) 975-7400.

To register: Visit http://www.mypaymentplus.com 

  • Click this link www.mypaymentsplus.com to create a new user account on MyPaymentsPlus. All first-time users will have to create their own Username and Password.
  • You will need your student's school ID number to add them to your new account. Student ID numbers can be found on their class schedule, is the numeric part of their school email, or by logging into your Parent Portal.
  • For first time users, here is a guide to walk you through the process of creating an account and registering for an activity.
  • If you are able to add an activity to your cart and complete payment, your student is good to go. You will receive an email confirmation from MyPaymentsPlus that your registration is complete.



Math League/Math Counts ( Oct. 26 - March 15): $20

A typical CMS mathlete is a 7th or 8th grade student who excels in math, desires an extra challenge and enjoys competition. During the regular season, mathletes compete against teams at the regional level and 300 teams statewide. These meets are held each month on Mondays. The season begins Oct.26 and ends with the students competing for awards in the regional, state, and national Mathcounts competitions in March. 

We will have a virtual Math League this year. Math League will meet at 4pm on Mondays. 

Speech Team (Season: November 17 - January): $20

Students can perform for a small group of people with selections of your choice by competing against other schools in a variety of different speech categories. If you're into speaking, or would like to become better at speaking, this is the club for you. 

Days/Times: Tuesday and Thursday. 

There will be an informational meeting for students on November 17th. Listen to the morning announcements for details.