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Summer Academy

The CMS Summer School Academy is designed for students who want to improve fundamental skills in English and Math.

Students will work on skills that will help with general success in school, such as organization, self-advocacy, goal setting, examining characteristics of successful students, and working effectively in a group.

The CMS Summer Academy will provide students with learning activities and time to develop knowledge and skills necessary to succeed at the next level of their education. 

An English Learner (EL) class is available for students who meet specific criteria.

The CMS Summer Academy is an opportunity to catch up and strengthen student’s academic skills. 

Busing is available for students attending Summer Academy for the entire day. If students only attend one class you will need to provide your own transportation. 

There is no cost to attend the CMS Summer Academy. 

CMS Academy offers a TEEN TOPICS group that will explore areas such as self-esteem, school, friendships, family, stress management, making good choices, relationships, and more.