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Special Education

At Central Middle School, special education services are provided for students identified according to Minnesota state criteria, including the areas of learning disabled, autism spectrum disordered, developmental cognitively disabled, physically impaired, other health disabled, speech/language impaired, vision/hearing impaired, and emotionally/behaviorally disordered. Each student has an Individual Education Plan (IEP) which provides guidance for meeting his or her particular needs.
CMS provides a continuum of services based upon individual student needs. Students may receive special education service in the general education classroom or in a small class setting depending upon where their educational needs are best met. Services in these settings may be provided by special education staff in a variety of ways:

  • Collaborating with a team of classroom teachers and paraprofessionals to plan instruction for students with disabilities.
  • Team-teaching with general education instructors in various subject areas to develop curriculum and make modifications for students with disabilities.
  • Working directly with students on specific skill development and promotion of self-advocacy skills.
  • Monitoring students' progress in the general curriculum.

A team consisting of parents, teachers, and the student plan together to develop an individualized IEP for each student who receives special education services at CMS.