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Student schedules are now available in the Campus parent/guardian and student portal. If you are unable to access your account please visit our website's technology page where you can find directions and tech support.
Please note that our master schedule is put together deliberately to meet the needs of each CMS student. Due to the complexity of CMS course registration, we are limited on the changes that can be made to student schedules. Schedule change requests for social reasons are not able to be honored. We thank you in advance for your understanding. If you do need to request a schedule change based on academic reasons please use this form. Please note that changes cannot be made if there is not space in the requested class.

Have Questions?

Central Middle School staff members are happy to answer any registration questions you have. 


Roxanna Bona (Students in grade 6 with last names Mop-Z and students in 7th grade with last names Moh-Shr) 952-975-7339

Foster Killen (Students in 8th grade with last names A-Mog) 952-975-7344

Kelsey MacQueen (Students in 7th grade with last names Shs-Z and students in 8th grade with last names Moh-Z) 952-975-7331

Kristine Myers (Students in 6th grade with last names A-Moo) 952-975-7313

Gretchen Schuett (Students in 7th grade with last names A-Mog) 952-975-7333

Linda Yelland (Social Worker) 952-975-7321

Gifted and Talented Coordinator

Alison Miller 952-975-7342

AVID Coordinator 

Lisa Senne 952-975-6867

Scheduling Clerk

Katie Little 952-975-7324