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At Central Middle School, we recognize that we are preparing today’s students for an ever-changing world. In order to inspire and engage each student, we must continuously evolve our instruction. Using today’s technological tools and resources is one way to do that. 

In addition, we want students to understand digital realities and practice digital responsibilities so they will be prepared to participate and be successful in today’s (and tomorrow’s) world. 

To those ends, each student at CMS is offered an iPad for use as an educational tool. The iPads and other instructional technology provide teachers and students with additional, powerful opportunities for learning. They help us create a learning environment that integrates today’s digital tools, accommodates a mobile lifestyle, adapts to individual learning styles and encourages collaboration and teamwork.

The devices also provide an authentic, hands-on opportunity for students to learn and practice digital responsibility. In lessons before receiving the devices and throughout the school year, students receive direct, explicit instruction in digital safety and responsibility. The more practice they have developing good digital citizenship in this environment, the better prepared they should be outside of school. 

We look forward to ever-increasing learning opportunities this initiative offers our students!

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