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Gifted & Talented

General course programming at Central Middle School provides a rigorous curriculum designed for high school and college preparation. 

Enriched Courses deliver grade-level standards with rigorous coursework and high-level discussions, with an emphasis on independent learning. Students may self-select these courses based on certain criteria. 

Advanced Courses are designed for MOSAIC and other highly capable students. These courses provide grade-level standards with more rigor than Enriched classes including advanced discussions and research projects using more abstract and interdisciplinary thinking.  Advanced courses are available to MOSAIC students while other students must meet certain criteria. 

Accelerated Math Courses are available for qualified students who have completed prerequisite classes or have shown a mastery of standards.

Gifted and Talented Information

For more information, please contact:

Alison Miller, CMS Gifted and Talented Coordinator    




Enriched Courses

Advanced Courses (Entrance Criteria for non-Mosaic students)

Mastery of Standards

If course placement cannot be determined by previous coursework, students may be assessed on their mastery of standards to determine the appropriate class size. In order to maximize the possibility of an optimal schedule all assessments must be completed by August 15 for the following school year. Due to scheduling limitations, students are not guaranteed enrollment in a given course. For this reason, the assessment should be completed as early as possible. Please contact CMS for more information. 

Additional Opportunities

Qualified students who are above-grade level in particular content areas may take appropriate courses at Eden Prairie High School. Students may have to forgo some desired courses due to differing daily schedules at each school.

University of Minnesota Talented Youth Mathematics Program (UMTYMP) provides a tuition-based accelerated math program in the evening for exceptional math students. Students in this program will have a study period instead of a math class at CMS. Testing is in the spring. Find more information at http://www.mathcep.umn.edu/umtymp

Some students may choose online course options, at their expense, for remediation or acceleration purposes. CMS will accept completion under certain guidelines. Please contact CMS for more information.