Special Education

Our comprehensive special education program serves students with disabilities ranging in age from birth to 21. All services are developed to facilitate each student reaching his/ her full potential. From early intervention to community based vocational training, students are provided a quality, individualized educational program in the least restrictive environment.
The following underlying assumptions guide the organization and provision of special education in our district:
  1. Special Education is a service that should be brought to students in the typical environments in which they would be educated if they did not have a disability.
  2. Students with disabilities should have exposure to the rich curricular, instructional, and social opportunities of the general education system.
  3. Students with disabilities should be held to rigorous academic standards.
  4. Families are essential partners in making educational decisions for students.
  5. Accountability for meaningful progress is an essential component of all special education programs.
Nearly all students with disabilities in Eden Prairie are educated at their home schools. They receive a full range of appropriate special education and related services, in the general education setting and/or in pull out small groups or individual instruction. A very small number of students are educated in specialized programs in and outside of the district. The district is able to provide a rich system of inclusive education because of the strong working relationships between general education and special education and the full support from building administrators.
Each school in Eden Prairie has a special education team that provides services to students with a variety of disabilities. A special education LEAD teacher is available at each school to assist students and families with the special education process.
You can learn more about the referral process, early childhood special education and Special Education Advisory Committee below. You can find information on restrictive procedures here