Personalized Learning

Personalized learning is an approach to education that combines best practices in instruction with meeting each student’s individual learning needs. In Eden Prairie Schools, teachers are no longer simply delivering information to students in a “one-size-fits-all” approach. Instead, teachers across the district are delivering the curriculum by creating experiences that provoke interaction in order to make meaning of the content being presented. Personalized learning brings forth choice for students so whether their style of learning is visual, auditory, read/write, or kinesthetic, there is a high level of voice for how they demonstrate their learning to others. 

Eden Prairie schools provide a rigorous and enriching curriculum for each student, at every grade and ability level. While the core curriculum focuses on fundamentals, teachers and families help students achieve their highest potential by choosing special programs that fit their talents, interests, and needs.

Every content area is reviewed at least once every six years by Curriculum Improvement Committees comprised of educators, administrators and parents. By reviewing current curriculum and assessment data, and investigating the newest research and resources available, they are able to recommend curriculum adjustments that keep Eden Prairie schools in the forefront of education trends and best practices. You can learn more about parent involvement through the World's Best Workforce Committee.

Beginning with Early Childhood Education and continuing through high school graduation, Eden Prairie students and their teachers are focused on a trajectory for success. Every year our students achieve some of the state’s most impressive numbers in graduation rate, assessments scores, scholarships, and college acceptance. Students leave Eden Prairie schools well prepared for college and life.