Eden Prairie Schools is committed to individualizing education to meet the particular learning needs and interests of each student. Student devices are one tool provided to our dedicated teaching staff to deliver the Eden Prairie Schools curriculum as it provides students with an endless and immediate amount of content for them to absorb and learn from:
  • Kindergarten-Grade 2: Students are assigned ipads to use during the school day
  • Grade 3- Grade 8: Students are assigned ipads for use at school and home
  • Grade 9- Grade 12: Students are assigned MacBook Airs for use at school and home

Parent Resources

Parent Help Line:  952-975-7094 |

Below you will find resources that will strengthen the partnership between home and school to inspire continuous learning at Eden Prairie Schools. The resources found on this page are tailored to help meet the needs of our families. Please use these resources as you feel appropriate to help meet the specific needs of you and your child.


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