November 2021:  For students who are in in-person learning or hybrid learning during 2020-21 school year, if there is an inclement weather day it will be a distance learning day.

Eden Prairie Schools has adopted a grade 7 through 12 e-Learning Plan. The 2017 Legislature amended the Length of School Year; Hours of Instruction (Minn. Stat. § 120A.41) to include the option of a school district using e-Learning days due to inclement weather. Eden Prairie Schools e-Learning plan allows schools to minimize the impact of loss of learning for our secondary students when inclement weather leads to school closures. According to Statue, schools can use up to five e-learning days in one school year. The full plan includes frequently asked questions.

Eden Prairie Schools E-Learning Plan

The mission of Eden Prairie Schools (EPS) is to Inspire Students to learn continuously, so they are empowered to reach personal fulfillment and contribute purposefully to our ever changing world. EPS has a longstanding tradition of innovative practices, which includes Personalized Learning. The EPS e-Learning plan was developed to harness the tenets of our mission, our commitment to innovation and Personalized Learning. In addition, our plan aligns with processes already used in school districts in Minnesota, and adheres to Minnesota Statute 120A.414.