Eden Prairie schools provide a rigorous and enriching curriculum for each student, at every grade and ability level. While the core curriculum focuses on fundamentals, teachers and families help students achieve their highest potential by choosing special programs that fit their talents, interests, and needs.

Beginning with Early Childhood Education and continuing through high school graduation, Eden Prairie students and their teachers are focused on a trajectory for success. Every year our students achieve some of the state’s most impressive numbers in graduation rate, assessments scores, scholarships, and college acceptance. Students leave Eden Prairie schools well prepared for college and life.

Curriculum Overviews

Math Curriculum

EPS Math Instructional Vision

Excellent mathematics instruction will lead each Eden Prairie Schools learner to....

  1. Form a positive math identity
  2. Collaborate within a math community
  3. Understand how and why math concepts work
  4. Use math procedures fluently
  5. Apply math to real-world situations

K-5 Math Information for Parents

Eden Prairie Schools has used Math Expressions (grades K-5) and Big Ideas Math (grades 6-8) as the curricular resources since the 2017-18 school year. The adoption is the result of a district wide steering committee recommendation to purchase resources that align with best practices in student learning of math. These resources are a guiding foundation of math instruction that also allow for rich mathematical learning, differentiation, depth and complexity. 

  • Math Expressions: The program emphasizes understanding, computational fluency, and real life applications through problem solving. Strategies and deep understanding are highlighted through visual representations, mathematical models, and student explorations. 
  • Big Ideas Math: Students will explore mathematics, communicate in the language of mathematics, ask questions regarding mathematical ideas and processes, and find meaning in the mathematics that they study and use in everyday life. The series provides high levels of mathematical understanding and application for math students in grades 6-8.
  • Kendall Hunt  is used in Grades 9-11 for Discovering Geometry, Algebra II and Functions, Stats, and Trigonometry (FST).

These resources provide a support for each student’s learning by allowing for real-world mathematical concepts to come alive through rich mathematical problems. Rich opportunities for meaningful math talks are present because of this.

If you have questions regarding these math resources, please contact your child’s principal or Michelle Ament, Senior Director of Personalized Learning.

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