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    The TASSEL Transition program is designed for students with disabilities requiring an IEP, 18-21 years old, who have significant needs in at least two of the three transition areas: post-secondary education & training, employment, and independent living skills. Students qualify for transition support through the IEP planning process during high school. Placement in TASSEL is determined on an individual basis and by the student's specific transition needs. Transportation is provided to programming and work sites during the school day.

    The goal of a Transition program is to prepare students to achieve independence. A continuum of services, supervision, and supports are provided ranging from minimal to intensive. Transition is a post-high school choice program; participation is not legally required. Services end no later than June of the year a student turns 21.

    Students in TASSEL focus their course work on their individual transition needs. We serve students directly at Hennepin Technical College South Campus in Eden Prairie as well as at the TASSEL Education Center located at 8040 Mitchell Road. Students have individualized programs based on their IEP goals which may include career preparation work through Pathways or courses at a pre-college or college level offered at Hennepin Tech. Classes in independent living are provided at TASSEL Education Center. Support is provided for coursework and employment. Below is an example of courses offered over the years:

    Independent Living Skills

    • Transportation
    • Budgeting and money management
    • Leases, credit cards, contracts
    • Apartment living
    • Leisure activities, recreation options


    • Volunteer and paid work experience
    • Resume and reference development
    • Work place support & work skills training

    Post-secondary Education & Training

    • Exploration of career interest options
    • Training through Pathways or college-level courses at Hennepin Technical College as students qualify for placement
    • Support for classes and career planning
    • Self awareness & Self-advocacy
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    TASSEL Main: 952-975-6930

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Jeanne Femrite Director of Secondary Special Education jfemrite@edenpr.org 952-975-7042
Mike Long TASSEL Transition Program Lead mlong@edenpr.org 952-975-6892
Skye Terhorst Social Worker sterhorst@edenpr.org 952-975-6930
Anne Augustson Teacher aaugustson@edenpr.org 952-975-6930
Linda Belich Teacher lbelich@edenpr.org 952-975-6930
Amanda Cichy Teacher acichy@edenpr.org 952-975-6930
Robert Jacobson Teacher Robert_Jacobson@edenpr.org 952-975-6930
Julie Sowatzka Teacher jsowatzka@edenpr.org 952-975-6930
Dan Sparkman Teacher dsparkman@edenpr.org 952-975-6930
Kevin Brown Paraprofessional Kevin_Brown@edenpr.org 952-975-6930
Marie Cannady Paraprofessional MCannady@edenpr.org 952-975-6930
Melissa Fischer Paraprofessional mfischer@edenpr.org 952-975-6930
Sheri George Paraprofessional sgeorge@edenpr.org 952-975-6930
Susan Hallstrom Paraprofessional shallstrom@edenpr.org 952-975-6930
Kevin Meyer Paraprofessional Kevin_Meyer@edenpr.org 952-975-6930
Heather Nelson Paraprofessional Heather_Nelson@edenpr.org 952-975-6930
Julie Quick Paraprofessional Julie_Quick@edenpr.org 952-975-6930
Corey Sandgren Paraprofessional csandgren@edenpr.org 952-975-6930
Graham Simons Paraprofessional Graham_Simons@edenpr.org 952-975-6930
Robert Thibido Paraprofessional rthibido@edenpr.org 952-975-6930