World Language

  • Welcome to the EPHS World Language Department. The following language opportunities are available: French, German, Spanish, Chinese, and American Sign Language. 
    Detailed information for each of the World Language courses offered at EPHS (including Course Descriptions, Prerequisites, and Essential Learning Targets) can be found on the WORLD LANGUAGE COURSES page.

Last Name First Name Email Voicemail
Bastidas Kristin 952-975-2627
Bjerke Debra 952-975-2578
Bothun Taylor 952-975-2501
Gasco Megan 952-975-2519
Gasner Jenna 952-975-4111
Gaston Anne 952-975-6798
Guille Jamey 952-975-4188
Halloran Tom 952-975-4392
Hennen Laurie 952-975-4398
Marty Liz 952-975-4395
Murray Dan 952-975-2517
Olson Chelsea 952-975-4254
Schneider Juliette 952-975-6611
Xu Ergan 952-975-2518