• Welcome to the Science Department. A variety of courses are available including biology, chemistry, and physics as well as advanced placement and honors classes. 
    Detailed information for each of the Science courses offered at EPHS (including Course Descriptions, Prerequisites, and Essential Learning Targets) can be found on the SCIENCE COURSES page.

Last Name First Name Email Voicemail
Boonstra Doug 952-975-6796
Ferch Anne 952-975-2488
Foley Katie 952-975-4165
Gabel Kristin 952-975-4252
Gahr Eric 952-975-2446
Hering Tina 952-975-2472
Kirchberg Kira 952-975-2580
Kivimaki Bruce 952-975-4150
Klotz Bryan 952-975-2651
Larionova Olena 952-975-6721
Maas Mike 952-975-4339
Sandeen Jayson 952-975-4343
Snyder Carol 952-975-2562
Strand Brian 952-975-6607
Tushie Jean 952-975-4347
Walsh Brenda 952-975-6726
Welter Kjersten 952-975-4338
Wilsford James 952-975-2619