• Welcome to the Math Department. A variety of courses are available including Pre-Algebra, Algebra 1 and 2, Geometry, Statistics, Calculus, and Computer Science as well as honors and advanced placement classes.
    Detailed information for each of the Math courses offered at EPHS (including Course Descriptions, Prerequisites, and Essential Learning Targets) can be found on the MATH COURSES page.
  • Calculator Recommendations

    • TI-30XSII is recommended for Algebra I and Geometry.
    • TI-84 Plus (or TI-89) is recommended for Precalculus, Algebra/Trigonometry, Statistics, and Calculus.

Math Department Staff Directory

Last Name First Name Email Voicemail
Bausch Frank 952-975-4323
Breed Jessica 952-975-2359
Degler Ellen 952-975-2445
Fogarty Pete 952-975-4116
Grajkowske Allison 952-975-6759
Grunewald Chelle 952-975-4361
Hall Windlan 952-975-4192
Johnson Bridget 952-975-7554
Kingsbury Mark 952-975-4134
Koetke Kevin 952-975-6730
McSherry Kari 952-975-4308
Milton Katie 952-975-2617
Nelson Jenn 952-975-6633
Pence Tyler 952-975-4241
Price Alyce 952-975-2701
Sarles Greg 952-975-2679
Schlager David 952-975-4309
Schild Colin 952-975-2502
Wagner Jenny 952-975-4103
Zara Anne 952-975-2800