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    Eden Prairie Schools has partnered with Nutrislice to share school menus with families in an innovative way.

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    What Makes a Meal

    Daily Breakfast Meal (All kindergarten students can eat breakfast at no charge):
    • One cup fruit (students must select a minimum of a half cup fruit)
    • One ounce equivalent grain (entree choices may be a two component size)
    • One cup milk
    • Of the items listed above students must choose three items to be a free meal. Single choices will be at an ala carte price.
    All menu items are also available ala carte. Prices for individual menu items are available from the cashier. Ala carte items and Mega Bites (an extra entrée) do not qualify as free/reduced price lunch options. A student’s account is charged the full price of the item(s) purchased. Parents of students (and siblings) who visit for lunch and purchase a meal must pay full-price, even if the student receives free/reduced priced lunch benefits.
  • Current Meal Prices & Catering 2018-19


    • K-6: $1.80
    • 7-12: $2.05
    • Adult: $2.25
    • Second Breakfast: $2.30


    • K-6: $3.00
    • 7-12: $3.35
    • Adult: $4.00
    • Second Lunch: $3.70
    • 10 ounce bottled water: $0.65
    • Additional milk: $0.55


  • Free Reduced Lunch