non dept courses
  • Intermediate District 287 serves high school students by offering courses that are designed to match each student’s level of career readiness.  Intermediate District 287’s career courses focus on career skill development experiences and decision making. 


    • Each semester class offered at HTC equals 3 credits.   
    • HTC courses are one semester in length.
    • Transportation is provided for the 10:00 session only

     To register, you must see your counselor to obtain an application and the numbers to enter on your registration form.

  • Course # Course Title Department Grade Level Credits Course Details / Essential Learning Targets
    Construction/Building Trades - Construction Hennepin Technical College https://www.edenpr.org/Page/3401
    Culinary Arts Hennepin Technical College https://www.edenpr.org/Page/3402
    Cooking For Independent Living Hennepin Technical College https://www.edenpr.org/Page/3403
    Health Science Careers & Technology - Medical Careers Hennepin Technical College https://www.edenpr.org/Page/3404
    Health Science Careers & Technology - Certified Nursing Assistant, CPR & First Aid Hennepin Technical College https://www.edenpr.org/Page/3405
    Human Services Careers - Law Enforcement Hennepin Technical College https://www.edenpr.org/Page/3406
    Human Services Careers - Forensics Hennepin Technical College https://www.edenpr.org/Page/3407
    Human Services Careers - Introduction To Fire Protection Hennepin Technical College https://www.edenpr.org/Page/3408
    Human Services Careers - Emergency Medical Responder (EMR) Hennepin Technical College https://www.edenpr.org/Page/3409
    Transportation Careers - Auto Body Repair and Refinishing Hennepin Technical College https://www.edenpr.org/Page/3410
    Transportation Careers - Automotive Technology Hennepin Technical College https://www.edenpr.org/Page/3411
    Transportation Careers - Outdoor Motor Sports/Power Equipment Hennepin Technical College https://www.edenpr.org/Page/3412
    Information Technology Hennepin Technical College https://www.edenpr.org/Page/3413