• Young Democrats is a political discussion club focused on the Democratic Party and its principles. Young Democrats enjoy discussing issues related to federal and state politics and current events from the perspective of Democrats, while coming to understand the other political parties as well. We use an informational and issue discussion-debate format.  We look for volunteer opportunities to work on campaigns in the community and to make contact with the Democratic Party on the state level as well. We also bring in outside political candidates and other speakers who enlighten us to school board issues, City Council issues, and election procedures. We also would like to be a club that provides a service to our school - we should be prepared to educate our peers when that opportunity arises. Come prepared to discuss, learn, and provide insight. Curiosity and an interest in genuine discourse is a necessity.

    Meets with the Young Republicans Club.

  • Meets bi-monthly in Room 129 during the School Year

  •  For additional information please contact the Faculty Advisor: Marty Teigen
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