Designing Pathways Process

  • Designing Pathways is a two phase community process to determine the long-term vision for academic programming and facilities over the next 10 years. The process began with a group of parents, staff, students and community members in the beginning of 2016 to design and request feedback on proposals. Thousands of community members provided their input on the proposals. Based on that feedback, academic programming recommendations were made.

    Recommendations on grade configuration changes became the strong focus of the second phase of the process. Proposals were designed that made changes to our facilities in order to make the recommended grade configuration changes occurs. Feedback was again provided by thousands of community members - mainly parents, staff and students - prior to a final recommendation to the school board. Request for feedback from Eden Prairie residents without children will be considered this spring.

  • Academic Design Process Icon Academic Design Process (February-September 2016) 

    The Designing Pathways process began with a comprehensive look at academic programming in Eden Prairie Schools to determine the long-term vision for academic design within the school district for the next 10 years.

    Community input was gathered through a voluntary online survey at the start of the process. The feedback helped shape the options and vision the academic design team developed.  The Academic Design Team design team, made up of internal and external experts, met February through May 2016 to outline the academic vision and options. This process was facilitated by outside consultants at TeamWorks International to ensure balance and authenticity. 

    In May of 2016 the community had opportunities to review the options and provide feedback during the Community Input Sessions. Feedback was collected via the input sessions and an online input form. The Design Team reviewed the feedback and released refined options to the community for a second round of feedback at the beginning of July 2016. Learning sessions were held to more thoroughly explain the refined options to the community and the revised academic options survey closed at the end of July. Options were refined based on the community feedback and the Superintendent made a recommendation to the school board in September 2016. The School Board unanimously passed the recommendations.
  • Facilities Design Process Icon Facilities Design Process (September 2016-May 2017)

    The phase 2 facilities process included a small design team of system level experts and five larger input teams made up of staff, students (elementary, middle and high school) and parents/community members. Opportunities to provide feedback online and in person were open to all throughout the process. A scientifically valid random sample survey was conducted by Morris Leatherman in April 2017 to gather a representative sample of parent feedback on the proposals. A total of 25 input opportunities were made available throughout the process.

    Remaining transparent and neutral through this process is of the utmost importance, which is why we partnered with TeamWorks International to facilitate the work. TeamWorks is a local company that has a strong track record of working with school districts through change, planning and facility design processes, which have resulted in wide community support. Their guidance ensured the process remained authentic and was not unduly driven by district administration.

  • Timeline Icon Designing Pathways Timeline

    • January 2016: Process Outlined and Announced
    • February 2016: Voluntary Survey Released
    • February-April 2016: Academic Design Team Meetings; Vision & Options Drafted for Review
    • May 2016: Community Input Sessions; Review & Comment on Options
    • June 2016: Academic Design Team Refines Options
    • July 2016: Second Round of Community Feedback
    • August 2016: Design Team Finalizes Options
    • September 2016: Superintendent Makes Recommendation to School Board; Phase 2 Process Announced
    • October 2016: Design Team Training and Data Review
    • November 2016: Design Team Drafts Options
    • December/January: Input Team Reviews Options (Round 1)
    • January 2017: Design Team Refines Options
    • February 2017: Input Team Reviews Options (Round 2); Public Input Sessions Offered
    • March 2017: Design Team Refines Options
    • April 2017: Input Team Reviews Options (Round 3); Public Input Sessions Offered; Design Team Finalizes Options
    • May 2017: Superintendent Makes Recommendation to School Board.