Grade Configuration Proposal

  • Proposed grade configuration changes are currently under review. The changes called for providing four-year-old preschool in all five elementary school buildings with 6th grade moving out of the elementary schools and into Central Middle School. This change would increase the number of students attending preschool, offer a stronger transition to kindergarten, and eliminate rental of a building used to house preschool programming. It also would bring 6th graders to an environment with students that are more socially, academically, and physiologically aligned. The movement would require a remodel of Central Middle School and community support of the funding to make the renovations.

    Grade Configuration – Preschool

    All four-year-old preschool students will transition to the five elementary school buildings in the district. The start time will be separate from the K-5 students and separate busing will be provided to and from school for half-day preschool. Full-day preschool transportation will continue to be provided by parents. 

    Accommodations will be made where appropriate in bathrooms and playgrounds to ensure they are age appropriate for four-year-olds. 

    Limited interactions will occur with preschool and other grade levels in the school. Supervision will be provided at all times in common areas like pick up/drop off, hallways, outside bathrooms, lunchroom, playground and in classrooms.

    Grade Configuration – Middle School

    All 6th graders will move to the middle school. Spaces will be expanded at the school to accommodate the increase in students at the school including 26 classrooms, a collaborative learning space, additional gymnasium space, music rehearsal space, expansion of the parking lot and improvements in traffic flow for pick up and drop off. The superintendent also recommended new construction for a performing arts space and remodel the multipurpose room (where performances are currently held) into an expanded cafeteria. 

    The expanded cafeteria would allow students to eat lunch on a three period lunch schedule as opposed to a five period schedule. The current five period lunch schedule begins at 10:04 a.m. and ends at 12:25 p.m. A three period lunch schedule would start later in the morning. 

    Students in the 6th grade Spanish Immersion program would be on the same team for math, science, social studies and language instruction in Spanish. This immersion team will include Spanish-speaking teachers. Immersion students will mix with non-immersion students for exploratory classes.