Grades 1-12 Registration

  • The following forms and information is needed to enroll your child in grades 1-12:

    1. Registration forms for grades 1-12 or register online by clicking the red registration button below.
    2. A copy of the child's birth certificate,
      Proof of residency (a copy of front page of the parent's lease, or a recent utility bill showing parent's correct information),
    3. If the child is registering for grades 9-12, a copy of the current transcript or most recent report card
    4. If the student is receiving special services, a copy of the I.E.P. and most recent evaluation.
    5. Optional: Application for Educational Benefits (to qualify for free or reduced meals, transportation, and other FRP opportunities.)

    To enroll in the TASSEL program for students with disabilities ages 18-21, please call Nicole Higgins at (952) 975-6933 and/or go to for more information.