• Naviance Student is a comprehensive resource which helps students navigate their career and college search process. The Career Resource Center maintains updated schedules of college visits, scholarships and enrichment opportunities on Naviance Student. Additionally, the site provides other valuable resources such as career profiles, college search tools, career assessment tools, and information about application outcomes (accepted, waitlisted, denied) for Eden Prairie High School graduates. Features such as saved searches and grouping make it easy to organize your college search process.  All students should log on to Naviance Student as early as possible and ensure that they maintain an updated profile page with email contact information.

    Students can sign into Naviance Student using their username (student ID) and password (birthdate: i.e. 9/7/2011 with dashes and full year).

    Parents are welcome to also sign into Naviance Student as a guest to have access to college visit information, scholarships, enrichment and college search functions.

    Log on to Naviance Student