• Public Engagement

    The Eden Prairie School Board is committed to an atmosphere of openness and transparency with regard to its representation of community stakeholders in the governance of the school district. The board is also committed to providing as many opportunities as possible for residents to play a role in the education of students. There are two main ways to engage with the school board: contacting board members by phone or email or during the public comment portion of school board meetings.

    Contact School Board members

    You may contact school board members individually by email or phone. View individual contact information or email the school board as a group.

    Public Comment at School Board Meetings

    Public comment takes place at the beginning of the agenda. Please click the link below for guidelines on speaking to the Board.
    • Guidelines for Eden Prairie School Board Public Comment Opportunity
    If you wish to speak during public comment, you will be asked to complete a comment card before the Board Meeting which will be collected at the beginning of the meeting. Information included on this card is your name, address, relationship to the district and topic of public comment. Please click the link below to access the Public Comment card. Cards are also available at the Board meeting. Since the purpose of the meeting is for the Board to conduct its business, it expects all participants in the meeting to maintain a proper sense of decorum and respect for all points of view.