• Students working in the credit union Parents 

    In addition to Royal’s team members and student interns teaching financial literacy in and out of the classrooms throughout the school, the convenient location in Eden Prairie High School gives students a special experience learning about their own money first-hand

    Although it is recommended, parents do not need to be joint on an account; however, they do need to give permission to open a minor account in their own name. Whether students start with a savings account or add a checking account with a debit card, Royal will guide students as they learn the basics of finance to avoid financial mishaps later on. To help your student get started, Royal Credit Union will deposit the first $5 in a new account.

    To open an account, apply online at rcu.org, complete a paper application at Royal Credit Union in The Perch, call 1-800-341-9911, or visit Royal Credit Union at 4450 West 76th Street in Edina.