• Frequently Asked Questions 

    What types of transactions can I conduct at the EPHS Credit Union in The Perch?

    Royal Credit Union team members will assist you with basic financial transactions on checking and savings accounts as well as loan payments. Information will also be available on a variety of Royal services and products online or at one of our full-service locations.

    How do I open an account?

    To become a member, apply online at rcu.org, complete a paper application at Royal Credit Union in The Perch, call 1-800-341-9911, or visit Royal at 4450 West 76th Street in Edina.

    Do other schools have credit unions or banks on campus?

    Yes, Eden Prairie High School is the seventh student-run credit union in the state of Minnesota. EPHS’ credit union partner, Royal Credit Union, operates 28 student-run credit unions in Wisconsin.

    What are the benefits of having a student-run credit union at EPHS?

    • Interns: Royal team members are trained and paid by Royal Credit Union. It gives them the opportunity to work in a professional environment, during school hours. The interns are also trained on financial services, products and basic industry education that they can pass along to fellow students

    • Students: Research shows students who get into the routine of saving at an early age are more likely to continue that habit for life. Royal Credit Union will deposit the first $5 in a new member savings account opened by an EPHS student.

    • Staff: Staff members working in schools with an on-campus credit union enjoy the convenience of having access to their accounts where they work. 

    Is my information confidential?

    Absolutely! Prior to working at Royal Credit Union, all team members complete intense training, which includes compliance requirements and member confidentiality training. A Royal Credit Union supervisor is always on-site to assure confidentiality requirements are consistently adhered to.

    What happens to The Perch after Royal Credit Union closes for the day?

    The Perch is open for anyone in the school to use as a gathering space.

    Does a parent have to be on the student’s account?

    Although it is recommended, parents do not need to be joint on an account; however, they do need to give permission to open a minor account in their own name.

    How do I access my accounts in the summer and after I graduate?

    Royal Credit Union has 23 offices across Minnesota and Wisconsin, online banking, and a mobile app with a mobile deposit feature. As part of the Co-op Shared Branching Network, members have access to more than 5,600 branches nationwide and over 40,000 ATM locations.

    Can I do my homework in The Perch?

    In addition to doing transactions and running our promotions, the room is set up for students to socialize and do homework. Charging stations are provided for your convenience.