• Perch-Staff


    Royal Credit Union is located in The Perch and is open to all students Monday, Wednesday, and Friday during third period. Students can do banking, work on homework or participate in the many promotions put on by the student marketing interns and tellers. As a bonus to encourage saving, Royal offers two free cookies from the DECA Cookie Store for every deposit.
    Royal Credit Union offers six internships each year to seniors in the Senior Intern Program. Students who work for Royal Credit Union receive a competitive wage, EPHS school credits, as well as a great professional opportunity to gain job experience. Students work during third period throughout the school year. If you’re interested in applying, please speak to a Royal Credit Union team member in The Perch during third hour.
    To become a member of the credit union apply online at rcu.org, complete an application at The Perch or call 1-800-341-9911.