Vision for Professional Learning

  • Eden Prairie Schools' Strategic Plan

    Eden Prairie’s Goals for Professional Learning 2014-2018

    • Goal 1: All staff, students and parents understand the strategic objectives, rubrics and processes for assessing student learning.
    • Goal 2: Students, parents/guardians/caregivers, and educators work together to plan and support culturally relevant personalized student learning.
    • Goal 3: Each staff member understands culturally responsive practices and secures high expectations for each student to eliminate achievement disparities.
    • Goal 4: Each district employee and student is competent in evolving core technology skills and digital resources are used to re-imagine daily schedules and personalized learning opportunities.

    Professional Learning Advisory Members

    • Senior Director of Personalized Learning: Michelle Ament
    • Administrators:
      • Molly Hollenbeck (Associate Principal, Eden Prairie High School)
      • Tom Walters (Associate Principal, Eden Lake)
      • Mary Waters Cryer (Director of Related Services)
    • Teachers:
      • Tom Baker (Q Comp Coach and EPEA President)
      • Mary Campbell (EL Teacher, Eden Prairie High School)
      • Andrea Cassin (Instructional Coach, Prairie View)
      • Kristin Cayo (5th Grade Teacher, Forest Hills)
      • JoAnne Gramith (EL Teacher, Eden Lake)
      • Dawn Head (5th Grade Teacher, Forest Hills)
      • Tara Jones (Math Teacher, Central Middle School)
      • Kevin McGee (Instructional Coach, Oak Point)
      • Sarah Nelson (SPED Teacher, Eden Prairie High Schol)
      • Amy Peterson (SPED Teacher, Eden Prairie High School)
      • Kadee Ruhland (3rd Grade Teacher, Cedar Ridge)
      • Megan Skogstad (MOSAIC Teacher, Eden Lake)
      • Shelly Streich (Business & Marketing Teacher, Eden Prairie High School)
      • Jean Tushie (Science Teacher, Eden Prairie High School)
    • Coordinators:
      • Erin Schiller (Instructional Excellence Coordinator)
      • Sue Feigal Hitch (Gifted & Talented Coordinator) 
      • Stephanie Baker (Q Comp Coordinator)
      • Elisha Nelson (Early Childhood Coordinator)
    • Administrative Service Center/Technology Dept:
      • Tracy Lucco (Professional Development & Training Specialist)

    Beliefs about Professional Learning:

    We believe professional learning is fundamental to providing high levels of learning for each student. All employees will have learning opportunities and a professional responsibility to actively engage in continuous learning to improve their practice.

    Guiding Principles:

    • Job-embedded learning is grounded in day-to-day practices
    • Collaborative culture empowers employees to work interdependently to achieve common goals 
    • Learning is ongoing and occurs as part of routine work practices
    • Conditions are created for a culture of sustained and perpetual learning
    • Learning by doing develops deeper understanding and greater commitment 
    • Employees are active partners in personalizing their learning; determining the content of their learning, how learning occurs, and evaluating its effectiveness.

    Modalities of Professional Learning

    Eden Prairie Schools professional learning opportunities can be found within three categories: Learning with Others, Learning from Others & Learning by Doing. Within each category are various modalities for learning. Additional modalities may be added to this vision over time.